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Hi! I hope everyone's well.

I went to my first Anime Boston during my abscene from lj. It as very nice. I'd like to go again. I also went to Connecticon. I always have a great time a CTcon once I get in, but the line is just hell. It's not even that of a con, they just handle both the reg and pre-reg very poorly. Probably won't go again unless they have an amazing guest.

I'm actually writing because I made a Fanfiction account :) You probably don't remember, but months ago I was complaining about how I'd like to write fanfiction in order to take my mind off my problems, but I never had any ideas. My bff gave me a cute KawoShin prompt, so I ran with it. I actually only got two faves on my fic on FF, but it's burning up Tumblr. 24 notes, including my fave Kaworu blog. Senpai noticed me! lol


I was right- thinking about fanfiction definitely helps alleviate my negative thoughts! Now that I've done a fic and got a feel for it, I'm having an easier time coming up with ideas. I'm definitely going to start a Furuba Yuki/Tohru AU, where Yuki's a demon prince |D I also kind of want to do some Dangan Ronpa 2 Komaeda/Tsumiki stuff. ...I still have a habit of picking really odd otps, right? lol

This current anime season? I'm obsessed with Gatchaman Crowds! Who else is watching? Rui is my husband...? Wife???

He is like the 2nd most fabulous anime boy after Alois.

The OP is amazing

I don't know if any more of you have gotten Tumblr, but here's mine again, in case- http://evil-muffins.tumblr.com/

All I have lined up for next year is Utsutsu from Crowds. Instead of quitting cosplaying, I'll just cut back. It doesn't need to be all or nothing.

CTcon, Tsumiki

CTcon, lady Komaeda

Anime Boston, Madotsuki

My Mado is always mega-popular. The best thing was when two P3 cosplayers (both boys) waited outside the ladies room for me to come out so I could pose for pics with them. They were adorable.

Kaibutsu from .flow, also for AB

NYCC is up next, unless I go to Camp Anime next month.

As a bonus, here's a shopping outfit

I only dress loli about once a month though ^^;;; It's usually too much trouble, with all the layers and accessories.


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Aug. 20th, 2013 02:37 am (UTC)
aww, you look really cute in these pics. dem spotted stockings heh

Yeah, fanfic (and writing in general) is a great escape. I'm sure you'll build up a fanbase on FF.net after a while.
Aug. 20th, 2013 10:29 am (UTC)
gatchaman looks good! i'm only watching SNK and the anime in space.

oh i'm jealous that you have that alice in wonderland book bag! i really like that one.
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