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Feb. 6th, 2013

I got Philip Pullman's tellings of Grimm out of the library. He doesn't really bring anything new to the table, though. I really only recommend it if you are going to read Grimm anyway. It's still nice to read, though. It's good to get back into fairy tales every now and then. That's why I'm not into Disney or Once Upon a Time, you see- I like the original stories too much! XD I think the Seven Swans is my favorite fairy tale :) There's not much based on it, unfortunately. That Ursula Synge book was depressing as heck.
I wanted to take back out the annotated Mother Goose the library had at one time, but I couldn't find it again. I should just buy my own copy. Annotated books are just delicious, you know? I'd love a whole collection. The notes just bring so much depth to the stories. When I read Alice in Wonderland the 2nd time, it was the annotated version and I felt like it helped me appreciate the book so much more.

Well there you have it- I do enjoy things that aren't anime XD However, I'm not a fairytale expert by any means because there are a lot of obscure ones I haven't read (I mostly stick to the more famous ones). Do any of you have a favorite fairy tale that was not made into a Disney move that you want to recommend to me?

Speaking of anime, I really want to like Magi because Jafar looks so cute, but I'm 5 eps in and I'm so bored ;0; I want to be one of the cool kids and like it because it's so in right now, but I'm so bored! And every time I watch it, I think I could be catching up on my shoujo from the past two decades and get farther in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne or Ashita no Najda, which are shows I actually enjoy. I'm actually finishing up the last season of Zetsubou-sensei right now. I never wanted i to end so I stopped about 4 away from the end XD It just fits with my world view so well and I love all the social commentary. I to buy DVDs so badly so I can watch a dub and pay attention to all the background text! The best stuff never comes out on DVD here :|

I've totally gotten back into Hetalia. I'm reading the '11 xmas special. So cute omg ;0; Peeps who only watch the anime or read the printed manga really miss out on the good stuff. This series is so cute and relaxing, why did I get out of it for so long!? I guess I needed a break to really appreciate it again. But I've been out of the loop- Himaruya doesn't do it as a webcomic anymore, right? It's just the chapters that run in Birz? Because that's a shame. I feel most of the Birz stuff is really dry.

I paid for my box of K Project mascot figures today |D I can't wait. They look like those Hetalia ones that came out years ago.
One of the few good things about Tumblr is that many people on there are into underground-ish Japanese video games and it's pretty interesting to learn about them. Dangan Ronpa is pretty hot on there right now, so I looked into it. There's a text translation here. I usually can't get interested in experiencing a game that way, but the story is pretty compelling. It's 'Pheonix Wright meets Battle Royale and Persona'. So clearly, it will be sad haha. Why do I do this to myself? Well, actually I handle characters death much better if I *know* that there will be death. Like, if it's the entire point of the story, then it's okay. I make sure to keep distant and not start feeling. It's really a shame that it never came out in the US. I think the Persona crowd would really eat it up (the game all but admits that the bear is ripped from P4 lol). It's also very cosplayable. I have too much cosplay on my plate, but I'd love to see a Junko or Celes at a con. Oh wait! No one cosplays things that are actually Japanese anymore! My mistake! HAHAHA

I'm actually making this post because I forgot to add pics to my last post!

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I found subs for the new Soubi Yamamoto OVA. This Boy Can Fight Aliens is one of my favorite anime, despite being only around 25 minutes, so I was super excited for this new one. It was every bit as cute! I was surprised that this one was a BL anime! I wasn't expecting it since Aliens required donning of the yaoi goggles to see anything between the boys ^^;; Not complaining, it was a nice surprise. I recommend Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita if you want to see a sugary-sweet 30 minute BL anime :) I hope it gets a US release!

Tumblr has gotten me back into Kaworu/Shinji *o* I love these boys so much, I can't handle it. I feel really bad that I'm so out of the Eva loop. I need to watch the new movie series still! I'm going to cosplay genderbend Kaworu. Maybe for Sunday at Anime Boston. I'm looking at angel wings on Ebay.

I bought the stuff to make my school uniform Neko cosplay today! It's gonna happen. I'm going to try to have it done for Genericon. I wanted to quit cosplay last year, but I've decided that it's good for me to continue. It keeps my mind occupied with something positive.

After seeing episode 2 of The Unlimited, I've decided that it's my favorite show of the season. Too bad it's not popular ): Can hardly find anything on Tumblr, or even Pixiv! Maybe people think you need to see Zettai Karen Children first, but you really don't. It's a really nice 'bishonen with powers' show, like Get Backers or something. I love white haired bishonen so I'm pretty happy XD

I tried Cuticle Detective Inaba. It got bad reviews on Anime News Network, but I'm not one to let others influence what I watch. It was pretty cute. Reminds of me Pani Poni Dash, maybe. You see, I don't think any comedy anime is funny, so I can't tell which shows are truly funny and which are flops because it's all the same to me lol I think aliens took part of my brain as a child...

I thought this anime season would suck, but I never fail to find good shows that surprise me :) I love anime. I'll never leave for western fandoms like so many others have.

I saw my neurologist for the first time in ages and I got a new perscription that might help my nightmares :D I'm excited.

I've been working really hard for my AA table at CPAC in April. I had been in a post-holiday slump for a few weeks but I finally got over it today and did some sewing. Like, really, I had been doing nothing but reading yaoi online for 2 weeks. This is a big improvement XD

Oh, btw, since you guys didn't have a ton of yaoi manga recs, I thought I'd share my own discoveries- Honto Yajuu, Rutta to Kodama, and anything by Junko are all really cute :) Fencer X from September Scanlations has really great taste. Her Tumblr is actually what got me to watch K!
Anime for this season:

The Unlimited-
Nice action show with bishonen. Is it too early to ship Hyobu/Andy? It's never too early for a fangirl, right? XD lol I'm mostly kidding. Anyway, I'm glad it seems you don't need to have seen Zettai Karen Children first because it's 52 eps all about little girls! Bah. I think it's like Soul Taker and Nurse Witch Komugi-chan are related but both have very different tones and you don't need to have seen both. Anyway, this show seems like it would be a nice fit on Adult Swim. I've been enjoying Adult Swim-esque action shows since last season. Maybe I'm nostalgic. I just can't stand most moe moe desu crap that's out.

It's a bishonen show by a yaoi author so I'm trying it without really knowing what it's about. The first ep was confusing so I was bored. But I think I will like it as the plot gets going.

Otome game anime. I thought I'd try since I liked Uta Pri and La Corda, but with this one, you can really tell it's based on a game. I don't think it works as an anime. I'll probably drop it. That said, can anyone tell me how Arcana Familgia from a few seasons ago is?

When does this come out? I'm out of the APH loop these days. The art looks spectacular, though! Maybe our fandom will finally be taken seriously.
Speaking of Hetalia, I've been uploading my old doujinshi scanlations to Tumlr. I glad people are still enjoying them :) I miss the recognition I gain from translating but it's so much work. I've been prerfering to work with my hands instead of my mind these days.

I'll also be continuing Zetsuen no Tempest, Psycho Pass, and HxH.

Today's Psycho Pass was really great! I love Yayoi! I'm glad the minor characters are getting backstory. It's such a dark and intense show, though, and with a really ruthless villain too so I'm worried peeps will die >< Ahhh why can't I just watch all that cheerful moe crap instead? lol

Oh btw, thanks for the cosplay input! I will def be Mado for Anime Boston. However, I'm probably doing Neko from K for one of my smaller cons because my friend wants to be Fushimi :) I know the two characters don't interact but it's still fun to do a group cosplay regardless. And I get to reuse my Lacus Clyne wig XD

I made some stuff

Jan. 2nd, 2013

Since everyone is looking back on '12, I will too...

i did nothing! The year was completely indistinguishable from '11. The years all run together now. They feel more like weeks.
Oh no, wait... I had a guy string me along from Nov '11 to April 1st '12, then text my friend to tell her that he never wanted to see me again! I don't even get friend zoned. That would be an improvement. I get 'get out of my life' zoned.

Celebrating my 24th year of never having been on a date!

Best anime of '12: Tsuritama. So happy and cute. Flawless.

Honorable mention to K Project. It made me actually care instead of just watching like a robot, as I usually do with everything I watch or read. But it ripped my heart out in the end ):

Can't remember anything else I watched. It's all mixed up with '11. No.6 and Penguindrum were in '11, right?
My dad is back home! Such a relief.

Happy Twilight Zone Marathon Day, everyone!
I got so many cards today! I feel so loved! Thank you rafira, wayya, and housyasei_san!

Some of the things that came in the mail lately! The Madotsuki card is from rafira! It's so cool! OMG! The necklace and clip are from redstars. You send me the nicest gifts :o And the Okage card is from a Tumblr peep.

Those cards came on a really good day, actually. My dad is in the hospital ): Yesterday he was out blowing snow and came back in with an amnesia episode. He's okay now, but this is the second night they are keeping him. The worst part is, I yelled at him the night before ): He doesn't remember it, I don't think, but I feel as if this is divine retribution or something haha... I know he's okay but this is so stressful. I keep getting headaches and feeling sick to my stomach and I'm not sleeping. I was actually already not sleeping because the K Project finale was so awful! lol

But you see why sad fiction is not okay? People go to the hospital in *real life*. I don't need that in made-up characters' lives.

I'd have said 'Happy New year', but I don't celebrate. Haven't for a few years now. Maybe someday my life will lead to a place where I can finally be ready to accept timing moving forward because right now it just moves without me.
I saw spoilers for the last episode of K Project. NOPENOPENOPE.

I honestly don't understand why so many anime and books are so sad. Yes, sadness and death are a part of real life, but i use fiction to get away from real life. I hate life and all of it's realities. Why won't even fiction allow me to get away? Why would a person create a sad story? It's so sadistic to want to hurt others through your creation...

I might not even watch it. I don't know yet.

At least even though the majority of non-comedy anime have sad endings, we do occasionally get miracles like Tsutama and Sakamichi no Apollon which are all smiles at the end :) It's funny both those shows ran at the time. It was such an upbeat season XD

And while I'm not understanding things- Isn't the concept of extended family so odd? I see my mail carrier more often than my realities, yet I'm expected to love these people just because I'm told. So odd. But I suppose that I'm being a bad person. I resent visiting my mother's side only because I miss my grandma (dad's side). I'm so bad ):

Edit: The reason I get so upset over sad stories, is because character deaths really hit home for me. The reason I feel such an urge to hurry up and experience (love, travel...) is because I've always had this sense of urgency. A foreboding feeling that I don't have all the time in the world. When a character's time is cut short, I really feel it. Not only that, but I'm just so freaking sad *all the time*. I wish I was dead some days. I need to see characters live, enjoy life, and be happy. I *need* it. I need to be reassured that happiness does happen, not reminded of sadness. Stories should bring joy, not worsen pain.

Pics of my Monster High castle+ BJDCollapse )
Merry Christmas!!

I got a PS3 with no games lol (I guess I'm supposed to pick one out)
Persona 3 art book (it's so gorgeous omgggggg. I've been getting back into P3 lately. I won't let P4 fandom ruin it for me!)
A bunch of Monster High, MLP and Adventure Time stuff

Hope you all had a nice day!

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